[GENSOKISHI] Rummel Temple/Kalhari Shore Monster Data [Weakness/Resistance]

[GENSOKISHI] Rummel Temple/Kalhari Shore Monster Data [Weakness/Resistance]

I have compiled data on monsters that appear in Rummel Temple and Kalhari Shore.

The items are indicated by “◎” and “○” to represent weaknesses and “×” and “▲” to represent resistances.

Rummel Temple

Rummel Temple
Lezzar2315840Scarlet Crystal (Large),Scarlet Crystal (Huge),Azure Crystal (Tiny)
Mad Scorpion2010909×Scarlet Crystal (Medium),Scarlet Crystal (Large),Scarlet Crystal (Huge)
Gesta2616873×Azure Crystal (Large),Azure Crystal (Huge),Violet Crystal (Tiny)
Lezzar Mage Chief2611750Azure Crystal (Medium),Azure Crystal (Huge),Violet Crystal (Tiny)
Gesta2718499×Azure Crystal (Large),Azure Crystal (Huge),Violet Crystal (Tiny),Meteor Trousers
Lezzar Leader2817516Azure Crystal (Large),Azure Crystal (Huge),Violet Crystal (Tiny),Solid Gaiters,Royal Maia Pants
Lezzar Cabalist2988646Azure Crystal (Large),Azure Crystal (Huge),Violet Crystal (Tiny),Sanga Habit,Chic Fatigues

Kalhari Shore

Kalhari Shore
Portitun2212218×Scarlet Crystal (Huge),Azure Crystal (Tiny),Azure Crystal (Small)
Portitun2313600×Azure Crystal (Medium),Azure Crystal (Large),Azure Crystal (Huge)
Kalhari Fish2518432Azure Crystal (Large),Azure Crystal (Huge),Violet Crystal (Tiny)
Cave Shark28230000××

Monsters in other areas

Please refer to this for monsters in other areas.

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Ivwal Caves/Mt. ArrozFloating Palace Schalan/Bolgona Island
Flame Spirit Lair/Kalhari DesertRummel Temple/Kalhari Shore
Colkia Hole/Dragon’s JowlDim Netherworld/Darkness Hole
Zeth Forest (E)/Zeth Forest (W)Zeth Altar/Fool’s Wasteland (N)
Fool’s Wasteland (S)/Castellum Aurora EntranceCastellum Aurora Hall
Corruption Tower/Emerald Tail TowerPaladias Islands/Bandit Rock
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