[GENSOKISHI] Outset Plains/Training Grounds Monster Data [Weakness/Resistance]

[GENSOKISHI] Outset Plains/Training Grounds Monster Data [Weakness/Resistance]

I have compiled data on monsters that appear in Outset Plains and Training Grounds.

The items are indicated by “◎” and “○” to represent weaknesses and “×” and “▲” to represent resistances.

Outset Plains

Outset Plains
Drop Puyon1165Pure Stone (Tiny)
Green Puyon2194Pure Stone (Tiny),Pure Stone (Small),Shea Tree Staff,Casual Wear
Sharon3228×××Pure Stone (Tiny),Pure Stone (Medium),Self-Defense Knife,Hunting Vest
Green Puyon3228Pure Stone (Tiny),Pure Stone (Medium),Broadsword,Unembellished Breastplate
Zale Puyon3228Pure Stone (Tiny),Pure Stone (Medium),Wooden Plank,Casual Wear

Training Grounds

Training Grounds
Slime Puyon190Pure Stone (Tiny)
Slime Puyon2125Pure Stone (Tiny),Pure Stone (Small)
Skeleton3155×Pure Stone (Tiny),Pure Stone (Medium),Scarecrow Staff,Weathered Staff
Mind Skeleton4204×Pure Stone (Tiny),Pure Stone (Large),Hummingbird Dagger,Bandit's Knife
Arend Skeleton4204×Pure Stone (Tiny),Pure Stone (Large),Rusk Hammer,Weathered Cudgel
Mind Skeleton5246×Pure Stone (Tiny),Pure Stone (Medium),Pure Stone (Huge),Scarecrow Staff,Weathered Staff
Sentry Skeleton5246×Pure Stone (Tiny),Pure Stone (Medium),Pure Stone (Huge),Rustic Jurist Armor,Rustic Gaiters
Basser5197×Pure Stone (Tiny),Pure Stone (Medium),Pure Stone (Huge),Leather Mail,Leather Trousers
Lesser Mimic5246××××Pure Stone (Tiny),Pure Stone (Medium),Pure Stone (Huge),Cloth Vest,Cloth Pants
Ghost Swordsman5315×Pure Stone (Tiny),Pure Stone (Medium),Pure Stone (Huge),Guardsman's Sword,Rusted Iron Dagger

Monsters in other areas

Please refer to this for monsters in other areas.

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Flame Spirit Lair/Kalhari DesertRummel Temple/Kalhari Shore
Colkia Hole/Dragon’s JowlDim Netherworld/Darkness Hole
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Fool’s Wasteland (S)/Castellum Aurora EntranceCastellum Aurora Hall
Corruption Tower/Emerald Tail TowerPaladias Islands/Bandit Rock
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