[GENSOKISHI] Eltos Rampart/Colkia Plains Monster Data [Weakness/Resistance]

[GENSOKISHI] Eltos Rampart/Colkia Plains Monster Data [Weakness/Resistance]

I have compiled data on monsters that appear in Eltos Rampart and Colkia Plains.

The items are indicated by “◎” and “○” to represent weaknesses and “×” and “▲” to represent resistances.

Eltos Rampart

Eltos Rampart
Frost Eye111882×××××Pure Stone (Huge),Scarlet Crystal (Small),Scarlet Crystal (Medium),Silk Robe
Icicle Ogrepown122364Pure Stone (Huge),Scarlet Crystal (Small),Scarlet Crystal (Medium),Icicle Ogre Fang,Icicle Ogre Belt,Heavy Plate Armor,Lancer's Armor
Ritual Basser132902×Pure Stone (Huge),Scarlet Crystal (Small),Scarlet Crystal (Medium),Basser Wing,Djinn Cloak,Noble's Fatigues
Icicle Ogre Guard143300Pure Stone (Huge),Scarlet Crystal (Small),Scarlet Crystal (Medium),Icicle Ogre Claw,Icicle Ogre Belt,Gale Jacket,Enchanter's Cloak,Icicle Ogre Fang
Icicle Ogre Guard153650Pure Stone (Huge),Scarlet Crystal (Small),Scarlet Crystal (Medium),Icicle Ogre Claw,Gale Breastplate,Windslicer Armor,Icicle Ogre Fang,Icicle Ogre Belt
Maguna Ogre153650Pure Stone (Huge),Scarlet Crystal (Small),Scarlet Crystal (Medium),Earthrune Robe,Djinn Cloak
Icicle Ogre Chief174136Scarlet Crystal (Tiny),Scarlet Crystal (Small),Scarlet Crystal (Large),Icicle Ogre Claw,Earthrune Pants,Djinn Pants,Silk Pants,Icicle Ogre Belt,Icicle Ogre Fang
Von Skeleton105701×Pure Stone (Large),Scarlet Crystal (Tiny),Violet Crystal (Small),Gale Greaves,Windslicer Bottoms,Heavy Culottes,Gale Pants,Pure Stone (Large),Heavenly Biretta,Mystic's Hat
Funest Bat of dawn1521632×Scarlet Crystal (Tiny),Scarlet Crystal (Small),Violet Crystal (Small),Fledgling's Headguard,Amateur Bandit's Hat,Low-Ranking Priest's Hat,Low-Ranking Spellcaster's Hat,Spy Jacket
Sick eyed sergeant1633304Pure Stone (Large),Scarlet Crystal (Tiny),Violet Crystal (Small),Rusted Stelia Sword,Rusted Slim Dagger,Iron Halberd,Demon Claws (R),Laurel Rapier,Low-Ranking Priest's Hat,Low-Ranking Spellcaster's Hat,Pugilist's Glove (L)

Colkia Plains

Colkia Plains
Slime Puyon DX1318181Scarlet Crystal (Medium),Scarlet Crystal (Huge),Azure Crystal (Tiny),Patis' Breastplate,Scarlet Crystal (Large)
Glove Charlotte143948×××Pure Stone (Large),Scarlet Crystal (Tiny),Scarlet Crystal (Huge),Summon Leaf
Forest Snail144545×Scarlet Crystal (Tiny),Scarlet Crystal (Small),Scarlet Crystal (Huge),Sticky Snot,Grigri Powder,Staff of Mars
Forest Snail154772×Scarlet Crystal (Tiny),Scarlet Crystal (Small),Scarlet Crystal (Huge),Sticky Snot,Grigri Powder,Bloody Claws (L)
Riot Ogre153932Pure Stone (Large),Scarlet Crystal (Tiny),Scarlet Crystal (Huge),Strategy Missive,Valiant Warrior's Shield
Shell Bee154324Pure Stone (Large),Scarlet Crystal (Small),Scarlet Crystal (Large),Shiny Silk,Summon Leaf,Scarlet Crystal (Large)
Glove Charlotte164027×××Pure Stone (Large),Scarlet Crystal (Small),Scarlet Crystal (Huge),Class Change Priest's Mace
Globe Puyon164027Pure Stone (Large),Scarlet Crystal (Small),Scarlet Crystal (Huge)
Shell Bee164112Noble's Fatigues,Azure Crystal (Tiny)
Garth Snail185454×Scarlet Crystal (Tiny),Scarlet Crystal (Small),Scarlet Crystal (Huge),Blessed Robe
Colkian Savage195460Scarlet Crystal (Tiny),Scarlet Crystal (Small),Scarlet Crystal (Huge),Shadow Coat,Earth Dragon Crest,Colkian Savage Cloth,Colkian Savage Wrap
Colkian Savage205274Pure Stone (Huge),Scarlet Crystal (Small),Scarlet Crystal (Huge),Sharpened Pinch Grip Knife,Earth Dragon Crest,Colkian Savage Cloth,Colkian Savage Wrap
Garth Snail205909×Scarlet Crystal (Tiny),Scarlet Crystal (Medium),Scarlet Crystal (Huge),Black Iron Sword,Gascargot
Iathus2014000×Pure Stone (Huge),Scarlet Crystal (Tiny),Scarlet Crystal (Small),Sanga Pants,Scarlet Crystal (Large),Scarlet Crystal (Huge)
Meteo Ghost216441×Scarlet Crystal (Tiny),Scarlet Crystal (Medium),Azure Crystal (Tiny),Star Fragment,Ashvattha Pants
High Colkian Savage215856Pure Stone (Huge),Scarlet Crystal (Medium),Azure Crystal (Tiny),Fourth Order Pants,Earth Dragon Crest
Chief Beluga2169276Scarlet Crystal (Tiny),Scarlet Crystal (Small),Scarlet Crystal (Huge),Patis' Gaiters,Violet Crystal (Medium),Earth Dragon Crest
Huge Snail145922×Pure Stone (Large),Scarlet Crystal (Medium),Azure Crystal (Tiny),Grigri Powder,Gimighan Headguard,Gimighan Bandit's Hat,Patis' Gaiters,Shadow Greaves,Blessed Trousers,Blessed Trousers
Death Melon1614000Scarlet Crystal (Tiny),Azure Crystal (Tiny),Violet Crystal (Tiny),Gimighan Priest's Hat,Gimighan Spellcaster's Hat,Blade-Proof Shield,Scout's Claws (L),Ancient Wand,Worn Battle Shield,Battle Pinwheel,Scarlet Crystal (Huge)
Mithril Snail1928000×Scarlet Crystal (Tiny),Scarlet Crystal (Small),Scarlet Crystal (Large),Blessed Trousers,Mystic's Hat,Heavenly Biretta,Heavenly Biretta,Violet Crystal (Small)
DualBlade Raider2117172Scarlet Crystal (Tiny),Azure Crystal (Tiny),Violet Crystal (Small),Patis' Gaiters,Shadow Greaves,Gimighan Bandit's Hat,Kievran Wand,Kievran Rod
Dragon's sigh2237520×××××××Scarlet Crystal (Huge),Azure Crystal (Tiny),Violet Crystal (Small),Mind Shatter,Stavy Dagger,Storied Halberd,Sea Serpent Claws (R),Unicorn Sword,Wonder Wand,Book of Eternity

Monsters in other areas

Please refer to this for monsters in other areas.

Outset Plains/Training GroundsAteria Plains (W)/Ateria Plains (E)
Purify Chamber/Ateria Plains (N)Eltos Rampart/Colkia Plains
Ateria Barrack Ruins/Velk RuinsAteria Submaze/Elrond Underground Canal
Ivwal Caves/Mt. ArrozFloating Palace Schalan/Bolgona Island
Flame Spirit Lair/Kalhari DesertRummel Temple/Kalhari Shore
Colkia Hole/Dragon’s JowlDim Netherworld/Darkness Hole
Zeth Forest (E)/Zeth Forest (W)Zeth Altar/Fool’s Wasteland (N)
Fool’s Wasteland (S)/Castellum Aurora EntranceCastellum Aurora Hall
Corruption Tower/Emerald Tail TowerPaladias Islands/Bandit Rock
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