[GENSOKISHI] Purify Chamber/Ateria Plains (N) Monster Data [Weakness/Resistance]

[GENSOKISHI] Purify Chamber/Ateria Plains (N) Monster Data [Weakness/Resistance]

I have compiled data on monsters that appear in Purify Chamber and Ateria Plains (N).

The items are indicated by “◎” and “○” to represent weaknesses and “×” and “▲” to represent resistances.

Purify Chamber

Purify Chamber
Ruins Eye81056×××××Pure Stone (Medium),Pure Stone (Large),Gromwell Cloak
Mare Puyon91188Pure Stone (Medium),Pure Stone (Large),Iron Mail
Ranny Eye101448××××Pure Stone (Medium),Pure Stone (Large),Dueling Rapier
Bumblebat122362×Pure Stone (Huge),Scarlet Crystal (Tiny),Scarlet Crystal (Medium)
Grim Monk122480×Pure Stone (Huge),Noble's Fatigues,Scarlet Crystal (Medium)
Grim Magiknight122254×Scarlet Crystal (Small),Cotton Dogi,Great Helm
Grim Guardian122480×Pure Stone (Huge),Noble's Breeches,Scarlet Crystal (Medium)
Grim Assassin122480×Pure Stone (Huge),Steel Visored Helm,Scarlet Crystal (Medium)
Grim Bishop122480×Pure Stone (Huge),Holy Pants,Scarlet Crystal (Medium)
Grim Warlock122480×Pure Stone (Huge),Shadow Mask (M),Scarlet Crystal (Medium)
Grim Searcher122362×Pure Stone (Huge),Spearman's Culottes,Scarlet Crystal (Medium)
Ladle Skeleton132902

Ateria Plains (N)

Ateria Plains (N)
Mime Puyon1138Pure Stone (Small),Light Handspear
Sharon Plateau3174×××Pure Stone (Tiny),Pure Stone (Medium),Cat Claws (R),Kung Fu Glove (R)
Mime Puyon4270Pure Stone (Tiny),Pure Stone (Medium),Light Handspear,Dueling Rapier
Cort Ignis4218×Pure Stone (Tiny),Pure Stone (Medium),Gromwell Pants
Dull Bee4190Pure Stone (Tiny),Pure Stone (Medium),Gromwell Pants,Dull Bee Needle,Dull Bee Wing
Silent Bee8496Pure Stone (Medium),Pure Stone (Huge),Cat Claws (R)
Pew Jelly8484Pure Stone (Medium),Pure Stone (Huge),Puluu Jelly,Monk's Glove (L)
Forest Rosen9554×××Pure Stone (Medium),Pure Stone (Huge),Flower Nectar,Plate Culottes
Barath Bee9572Pure Stone (Large),Pure Stone (Huge),Plate Armor
Pew Pudding10663Pure Stone (Medium),Pure Stone (Huge),Scarlet Crystal (Tiny),Puluu Jelly
Sharon Plateau11961×××Puluu Jelly,Pure Stone (Large),Pure Stone (Huge),Ebony Pants
Lil Ignis111078×Pure Stone (Huge),Scarlet Crystal (Tiny),Ebony Jacket,Martial Artist's Armor
Burn Ignis111430×Pure Stone (Huge),Scarlet Crystal (Tiny),Steel Claws (L),Martial Artist's Armor
Mime Puyon11898Pure Stone (Medium),Scarlet Crystal (Tiny),Scarlet Crystal (Small),Nomad Warrior's Sword
Schefflera11938×××Pure Stone (Medium),Scarlet Crystal (Tiny),Scarlet Crystal (Small),Lancer's Armor,Tree Branch
Fire Eye11941×××××Pure Stone (Medium),Pure Stone (Large),Scarlet Crystal (Tiny),Red Retina
Thunder Eye11941×××××Pure Stone (Medium),Pure Stone (Large),Scarlet Crystal (Tiny),Green Retina
Pilze121043×Pure Stone (Huge),Pure Stone (Huge),Scarlet Crystal (Small),Spy Jacket,Pilze Spore
Green Jelly131175Pure Stone (Medium),Pure Stone (Huge),Scarlet Crystal (Small),Spy Pants,Cotton Pants,Sharpened Stinger Knife
Bermi Eye13669×××××Pure Stone (Medium),Pure Stone (Large),Pure Stone (Huge),Green Aspic Jelly,Shadow Mask (F),Martial Artist's Headband,Ceremonial Staff,Green Eyeball
Merry fungi122685××Pure Stone (Large),Pure Stone (Huge),Scarlet Crystal (Small),Fledgling's Headguard,Amateur Bandit's Hat,Lunamis Sorcery Garment (Bottoms),Elrond Sergeant's Spear,Heavy Claws (R)
Hungry Ignis133828×Scarlet Crystal (Tiny),Scarlet Crystal (Small),Violet Crystal (Small),Lunamis Leather Shoes,Lunamis Sorcerer Garment (Top),Gimighan Priest's Hat,Ironfist Hammer,Ceremonial Estoc
Qeenoid bee145990Scarlet Crystal (Tiny),Scarlet Crystal (Medium),Violet Crystal (Small),Lunamis Leather Armor,Commander's Machete,Commander's Knife,Lunamis Sorcerer Garment (Top),Holy Cedar Wand,Enchanter's Pants,Enchanter's Cloak
Sun gazer147788×××××××Pure Stone (Huge),Scarlet Crystal (Small),Azure Crystal (Huge),Missionary's Scripture,Plate Culottes,Iron Mail,Martial Artist's Pants,Ceremonial Robe,Dark Conjurer's Hat,Holy Robe,Gimighan Bandit's Hat,Ironrock Headband

Monsters in other areas

Please refer to this for monsters in other areas.

Outset Plains/Training GroundsAteria Plains (W)/Ateria Plains (E)
Purify Chamber/Ateria Plains (N)Eltos Rampart/Colkia Plains
Ateria Barrack Ruins/Velk RuinsAteria Submaze/Elrond Underground Canal
Ivwal Caves/Mt. ArrozFloating Palace Schalan/Bolgona Island
Flame Spirit Lair/Kalhari DesertRummel Temple/Kalhari Shore
Colkia Hole/Dragon’s JowlDim Netherworld/Darkness Hole
Zeth Forest (E)/Zeth Forest (W)Zeth Altar/Fool’s Wasteland (N)
Fool’s Wasteland (S)/Castellum Aurora EntranceCastellum Aurora Hall
Corruption Tower/Emerald Tail TowerPaladias Islands/Bandit Rock
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