[GENSOKISHI] Ateria Plains (W)/Ateria Plains (E) Monster Data [Weakness/Resistance]

[GENSOKISHI] Ateria Plains (W)/Ateria Plains (E) Monster Data [Weakness/Resistance]

I have compiled data on monsters that appear in Ateria Plains (W) and Ateria Plains (E).

The items are indicated by “◎” and “○” to represent weaknesses and “×” and “▲” to represent resistances.

Ateria Plains (W)

Ateria Plains (W)
Zale Puyon4215Pure Stone (Small),Puyon Jelly
Green Puyon4186Pure Stone (Tiny),Pure Stone (Large),Bone Sword,Soldier's Sword,Puyon Jelly
Ogre5178Pure Stone (Tiny),Pure Stone (Small),Ogre Fang,Trainee's Sword,Hunter's Spear
Kids Prime5168Pure Stone (Tiny),Pure Stone (Small),Great Tree Cudgel,Slashing Claws (R)
Mini Prime5171Pure Stone (Tiny),Pure Stone (Small),Hammer Staff,Holy Cedar Wand
Sharon5271×××Pure Stone (Tiny),Pure Stone (Small),Stinger Knife,Missionary's Scripture
Charlotte5271×××Pure Stone (Tiny),Pure Stone (Small),Tiger Fur Jacket,Tiger Fur Greaves,Sergeant's Fleuret
Lil' Puyon6198Pure Stone (Tiny),Pure Stone (Small),Zeth Battle Armor,Zeth Battle Greaves,Dolphin Mug,Steel Knuckles (R)
Lil' Green Puyon6185Pure Stone (Tiny),Pure Stone (Small),Breezy Vest,Breezy Hotpants,Dolphin Mug,Alloy Blade
Giant Lil' Puyon6330Pure Stone (Small),Pure Stone (Medium),Breezy Vest,Breezy Hotpants,Dolphin Mug,Dolphin Mug,Alloy Knife
Coppa Ogre7367Pure Stone (Small),Pure Stone (Large),Pure Stone (Large),Alloy Mace
Guard Ogre8490Pure Stone (Small),Pure Stone (Large),Scarlet Crystal (Tiny),Ogre Grunt Badge,Alloy Staff
Prime Puyon7968Pure Stone (Tiny),Pure Stone (Large),Scarlet Crystal (Tiny),Holy Cedar Mace,Warrior's Shield
Snorty Orc71346Pure Stone (Small),Pure Stone (Large),Holy Cedar Mace,Cedar Wand,Petty Bandit's Bottoms,Apprentice Priest's Bottoms
Doyon627067Azure Crystal (Large),Azure Crystal (Huge),Azure Crystal (Small),Petty Bandit's Top,Apprentice Spellcaster's Top

Ateria Plains (E)

Ateria Plains (E)
Stampede Puyon5360Pure Stone (Medium)
Creme Puyon6468Pure Stone (Medium),Spiritualist's Garment,Glass Shard
Plateau Rosen61141Pure Stone (Medium),Hyde Vest,Pure Stone (Large),Pure Stone (Huge)
Creme Puyon7550Pure Stone (Medium),Pure Stone (Large),Spiritualist's Garment,Glass Shard
Creme Puyon Hard7783Pure Stone (Large),Pure Stone (Huge),Spiritualist's Garment,Glass Shard
Rosen7550×××Pure Stone (Medium),Pure Stone (Large),Hyde Vest
Kids Bell-nu7550×××Pure Stone (Medium),Pure Stone (Large),Hyde Vest
Mind Skeleton7550×Pure Stone (Medium),Pure Stone (Large),Hyde Trousers
Creme Puyon8792Pure Stone (Large),Pure Stone (Huge),Hyde Trousers
Mind Skeleton8727×Pure Stone (Large),Pure Stone (Huge),Hyde Trousers,Bone Fragment
Thriller Bones8792×Pure Stone (Large),Pure Stone (Huge),Hyde Trousers,Cursed Coin,Lockbreaker
Mime Puyon9951Pure Stone (Large),Scarlet Crystal (Tiny),Defender
Rosen9907×××Pure Stone (Large),Scarlet Crystal (Tiny),Hyde Vest
Mare Bat9907×Pure Stone (Large),Scarlet Crystal (Tiny),Spiritualist's Bottoms,Master's Pointer
Ogre9907Pure Stone (Large),Scarlet Crystal (Tiny),Ogre Fang,Ogre Grunt Badge,Iron Will
High Ogre9907Pure Stone (Large),Scarlet Crystal (Tiny),Ogre Fang,Ogre Captain Badge,Pillager's Sword,Iron Will
Mind Skeleton9907×Pure Stone (Large),Scarlet Crystal (Tiny),Hyde Trousers,Bone Fragment
Homing Skeleton8907×Pure Stone (Large),Scarlet Crystal (Tiny),Hyde Trousers,Cursed Coin
Ogre101086Pure Stone (Large),Scarlet Crystal (Tiny),Ogre Fang,Ogre Grunt Badge,Iron Will
High Ogre101086Pure Stone (Large),Scarlet Crystal (Tiny),Ogre Captain Badge,Iron Will
Rosen121771×××Pure Stone (Large),Scarlet Crystal (Medium),Scarlet Crystal (Tiny),Defender
Fierce Bumblebat121771×Pure Stone (Large),Scarlet Crystal (Medium),Scarlet Crystal (Tiny),Spiritualist's Bottoms,Rod of Mindful Discipline
Ogre121771Pure Stone (Large),Scarlet Crystal (Medium),Scarlet Crystal (Tiny),Iron Will
High Ogre121771Pure Stone (Large),Scarlet Crystal (Medium),Scarlet Crystal (Tiny),Iron Will,Ogre Captain Badge
Cean Bell-Nu104341×××Pure Stone (Medium),Pure Stone (Large),Pure Stone (Huge),Scarlet Crystal (Tiny),Scarlet Crystal (Small),Alloy Blade
Nick the Orc1540435Pure Stone (Large),Pure Stone (Huge),Scarlet Crystal (Tiny),Scarlet Crystal (Small),Violet Crystal (Small),Commander's Machete,Commander's Knife,Alloy Mace,Alloy Blade
Baronia L'Ecot1522579×Pure Stone (Large),Pure Stone (Huge),Scarlet Crystal (Tiny),Scarlet Crystal (Small),Violet Crystal (Small),Commander's Mace,Commander's Staff
Hammiathus209540×Pure Stone (Medium),Pure Stone (Large),Pure Stone (Huge),Scarlet Crystal (Tiny),Scarlet Crystal (Medium),Scarlet Crystal (Large),Alloy Blade,Alloy Knife
Secret Skeleton8540×Pure Stone (Medium),Pure Stone (Large),Hyde Trousers
Wounded High Ogre10810Pure Stone (Large),Pure Stone (Large),Ogre Captain Badge,Iron Will
Tsutsumu thin skin14500000Violet Crystal (Tiny),Violet Crystal (Medium),Shadow Greaves,Blessed Trousers
Blue Pin82664×××Pure Stone (Medium),Pure Stone (Large),Scarlet Crystal (Medium),Scarlet Crystal (Tiny),Bronze Machete,Bronze Bayonet
Doyon893940.5Pure Stone (Large),Pure Stone (Huge),Scarlet Crystal (Medium),Azure Crystal (Tiny),Violet Crystal (Small),Holy Cedar Mace,Cedar Wand

Monsters in other areas

Please refer to this for monsters in other areas.

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Purify Chamber/Ateria Plains (N)Eltos Rampart/Colkia Plains
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Ivwal Caves/Mt. ArrozFloating Palace Schalan/Bolgona Island
Flame Spirit Lair/Kalhari DesertRummel Temple/Kalhari Shore
Colkia Hole/Dragon’s JowlDim Netherworld/Darkness Hole
Zeth Forest (E)/Zeth Forest (W)Zeth Altar/Fool’s Wasteland (N)
Fool’s Wasteland (S)/Castellum Aurora EntranceCastellum Aurora Hall
Corruption Tower/Emerald Tail TowerPaladias Islands/Bandit Rock
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