【GENSOKISHI】How to Buy NFTs│5 Easy Steps

GENSOKISHI ONLINE is free to play, but you can enjoy it even more by using equipment NFTs such as Cosplay Equipment. Here we introduce the procedure for purchasing equipment NFTs. By following the procedure, anyone can easily purchase NFTs, so let’s give it a try.


GENSOKISHI ONLINE NFTs can be purchased on OpenSea and the Official Marketplace. Please refer to this article to learn how to obtain the currency used in the marketplace.

▶How to obtain currency for use in GENSOKISHI ONLINE


OpenSea is one of the largest NFT marketplaces in the world, and supports various chains of currencies. To purchase GENSOKISHI ONLINE NFTs, Polygon chain’s WETH is required, as well as MATIC as gas fees (transaction fees).


Official Marketplace

GENSOKISHI ONLINE has an official marketplace. In the official marketplace, transactions can also be made using Gensokishi governance tokens (MV), and it is possible to purchase them at a lower price than on OpenSea. Currency can be either “MV” or “USDT”. When purchasing on the Polygon chain, MATIC is required as gas fees (transaction fees).

GENSOKISHI ONLINE|Official Marketplace

Preparation for Element Knights NFT Purchase

GENSOKISHI ONLINE uses the Polygon chain. As a preparation for purchasing Element Knights NFTs, let’s prepare MetaMask and the necessary virtual currency for the purchase.

  Necessary Currency Gas Fee
OpenSea WETH (Polygon) MATIC
Official Marketplace MV (Polygon) or USDT (Polygon) MATIC
Virtual currency required for purchasing Element Knights NFTs

If you do not have the virtual currency necessary for the marketplace, please refer to the following steps to obtain it.

See the steps to obtain currencies used in MarketPlace

MATIC is necessary as a gas fee, so be sure to leave a small amount when buying.

OpenSea|How to buy Elemental Knight NFT

To purchase Elemental Knight NFT on OpenSea, WETH(Polygon) used in the Polygon Chain is required. Once you are prepared, let’s buy it right away.

STEP1|Access OpenSea

When you’re ready, access the OpenSea | GENSOKISHI ONLINE page. The NFTs available for trade will be displayed, so select the desired NFT.


STEP2 | Select the NFT you want

After selecting the desired NFT, choose “Add to Cart”. You can check the detailed information of the NFT, such as rarity, from its properties.

STEP3 | Connect your wallet

You will be asked to connect your wallet, so choose “MetaMask” and approve the wallet connection.

STEP4 | Check the amount and purchase the NFT

After connecting your wallet, select “GENSOKISHI ONLINE” and click “Complete Purchase” for “Cosplay Equipment.” The purchase has not yet been made at this point.

The required amount for the purchase and the gas fee will be displayed. Confirm the details and press “Confirm” to complete the NFT purchase.

STEP5|Confirmation of Purchased NFT

Once the purchase is complete, you can confirm that the owner of the NFT is “you.”

Official Marketplace | How to Purchase Gensokishi NFTs

To purchase Gensokishi NFTs on the Official Marketplace, you will need “USDT (Polygon)” or “MV (Polygon)” for use on the Polygon Chain. Once you are ready, let’s buy some NFTs.

STEP1|Access the Official Marketplace

When you’re ready, access the GENSOKISHI ONLINE official marketplace. There are “Official Marketplace” and “User Marketplace” in the official marketplace. Here, we will introduce how to buy NFTs on the user marketplace.

GENSOKISHI ONLINE|Official Marketplace

STEP2|Connect Your Wallet

Select “Connect Wallet”.

Check “MetaMask” and click “Connect Now”.

Open MetaMask and sign in to connect your wallet.

STEP3|Select the desired NFT

After selecting the desired NFT, choose “Purchase”. You can check detailed information about the NFT such as rarity and other properties. Also, confirm the price of the NFT here.

If you purchase through MV, you will be asked for access permission to MV via MetaMask.

STEP4|Purchase the NFT

The gas fee required for the purchase is displayed on MetaMask. Confirm the details and press “Confirm” to complete the NFT purchase.

STEP5|Check the purchased NFT

You can check the NFT purchased on the official marketplace from your OpenSea profile page. Connect your wallet and check it out.

How to check GENSOKISHI NFT on the Official Marketplace

You can check your GENSOKISHI NFT on the official marketplace. Here are the steps to check your GENSOKISHI NFT:

STEP1|Access the Official Marketplace

Access the official GENSOKISHI ONLINE marketplace and select “Connect Wallet.”

GENSOKISHI ONLINE|Official Marketplace

STEP2|Connect Your Wallet

Select “Connect now” with the checkmark on “MetaMask”.

Once MetaMask opens, sign and connect your wallet.

STEP3|Select Inventory to Check Your Owned NFTs

After connecting the Metamask, select “My Inventory” in GENSOKISHI ONLINE.

You can display the NFT you own in Cosplay Equipment.

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Contract address(MV:ERC20)0xAE788F80F2756A86aa2F410C651F2aF83639B95b
Contract address(MV:Polygon)0xA3c322Ad15218fBFAEd26bA7f616249f7705D945
Contract address(Rond:ERC20)0x82197d7446a435105d6F3a430D72a6713960E34D
Contract address(Rond:Polygon)0x204820b6e6feae805e376d2c6837446186e57981

MV(polygon) currency chart

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ROND(polygon) currency chart

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