【GENSOKISHI】What is GENSOKISHI Online? Game Overview

1. Game Overview

GENSOKISHI ONLINE is an NFT game of MMORPG “Elemental Knights”.

It incorporates metaverse elements into the high quality unique to online games.

Please feel the world view with this video first.

Introduction to Game Modes

You can freely explore the 3D metaverse space.

You can freely explore the 3D metaverse space.

GENSOKISHI ONLINE supports MO mode, where you can challenge towers and large bosses with other players in raid battles.

There are also castle defense battles, demon lord battles, and plenty of seasonal events.

Character Growth

You can grow your character through adventures.

There are 16 types of classes for the Cosplay Equipment, and one of the growth elements is the level. By leveling up, you can freely distribute the acquired status points and create a character with your own stats.

2. Getting Started

Free Play is Also Available

GENSOKISHI ONLINE employs “Free to play,” where you can play for free by using the following authentication to create an account and join the game smoothly:

  • Twitter ID Authentication
  • Google ID Authentication
  • LINE ID Authentication
  • Email Authentication

Is MetaMask Required?

MetaMask is used to extract or return NFT items and equipment from within the game. If you only want to play the game, you don’t need to link it with MetaMask.

3. In-Game Tokens

The two tokens used in GENSOKISHI ONLINE are:

  • MV (Main currency. A token with UTILITY properties that make up the metaverse)
  • ROND (The fundamental currency that makes up the economy of the metaverse)

Using “MV” Outside the Game

The following are some of the uses of MV:

  • Buying Cosplay Equipment at a discount, bidding on auction items 
  • Adding parameters to Cosplay Equipment 
  • Purchasing various paid items exclusively available for MV (items that give an advantage in the game) 
  • Voting rights to decide the direction of the game 
  • Staking MV to earn ROND as a reward

You can also receive benefits by staking a certain amount of MV:

  • The right to receive surprise NFTs 
  • The right to participate in closed alpha and closed beta tests 
  • The right to create and offer Cosplay Equipment using UGC functions

In future updates after the game’s release, the following are also planned as possible uses for MV:

  • The right to purchase LAND, monsters, and NPCs at a discount 
  • Transaction fees for in-game trading

Using “ROND (miniROND)” in the Game

ROND is a fundamental in-game currency that can be brought into the game by exchanging it for miniROND. You can earn ROND as a reward by staking MV on the official GENSOKISHI ONLINE website.

At the game’s release, ROND can also be obtained through virtual currency exchanges.

The following are some of the uses of ROND:

  • Admission fee to in-game museums and exhibitions, participation fee for events
  • When purchasing items, base weapons, and armor in the game
  • When participating in modes that can only be accessed under specific conditions
  • When enhancing and refining base equipment
  • When warping between LANDs to save time
  • Used as an entrance fee to UGC maps
  • Used as a challenge fee for quests

4. NFTs Used in the Game

In GENSOKISHI ONLINE, various equipment and items are tokenized as NFTs, allowing them to be taken out of the game.

At the initial stage, since it is not a Dapp (decentralized application), you EXPORT it to your wallet to take it out of the game. Similarly, in the game, you INPORT it from your wallet and convert it into in-game data.

Cosplay Equipment NFT

Not only does it dress up the appearance, but it also affects stats and dedicated skills.

Base Equipment NFT

Equipment that enhances the character’s abilities. There is a limit to the number of NFTs provided for rare or higher base equipment, making them more valuable.

In-game Item NFT

Items such as potions that restore health and items that enhance stats. Like base equipment, there is a limit to the number of NFTs provided for rare or higher in-game items.


In GENSOKISHI ONLINE, you can own a “parcel of land (LAND).” The sale of land is in auction format, and the right to purchase is only for users who have staked a certain amount of MV.

NFTs Created by Users │ UGC (User Generated Contents)

As a future update element, users can customize “Cosplay Equipment” and “LAND” to make them their own.

UGC │ Cosplay Equipment NFT

Users can create and sell Cosplay Equipment. UGC function is available only for users who stake a certain amount of MV.

In the future, there are plans to sell Cosplay Equipment for remakes. The created items can also be sold to other players.

UGC│Land Map

One of the important functions of GENSOKISHI ONLINE is creating maps of purchased land. It is an important point that also serves as the subtitle of the game, “META WORLD”, where you can create a map that is unique to you and only you.

Users can also set the strength of monsters, drop items, and more. When other players play on the land you own, they receive “miniROND” as an admission fee.


Closed alpha test Date
Cosplay Equipment NFT auction June-August 2022
GENSOKISHI ONLINE marketplace release September 2022
Closed beta test Currently ongoing
Open beta test End of August 2022
Official release November 2022
Land NFT auction October 2022
Upcoming Schedule


GENSOKISHI ONLINE is currently open for alpha testing. As an online game, it is a high-quality NFT game.

You can also play for free, and the biggest feature is that you don’t need a MetaMask wallet to enjoy the game. Once you get used to it, try creating your own Cosplay Equipment and land.

Depending on how you use it, the UGC function can also be enjoyed as an element outside of the game.

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Contract address(MV:ERC20)0xAE788F80F2756A86aa2F410C651F2aF83639B95b
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Contract address(Rond:ERC20)0x82197d7446a435105d6F3a430D72a6713960E34D
Contract address(Rond:Polygon)0x204820b6e6feae805e376d2c6837446186e57981

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